Understanding Custom Packaging Terminology

Let your imagination run wild!!. Custom packaging can bring your brand's image to life...fun, elegant, sassy or sophisticated. Custom packaging helps the world see your product like you want it seen!

Box Shape

Custom boxes can be made is virtually any shape: Round, Square, Oval, even free form.

Box Material

Box frames can be metal, plastic, wood or paper. Paper is the most common option but many other materials can be used to meet your brand's image.

Box Sizes

Boxes are made to your exact specifications. You pick the dimensions. We have made custom boxes from under an inch in size to well over 3 feet long.

Box Covering

Box frames can be covered in a wide range of materials. Paper, plastics, fabrics, even leather are an option. Special effects, such as metallics, printed papers or sparkles, can also be used.


When the outer edges of the box are a different color than the body of the box, this is called Tipping. Tipping can offer a contrasting or coordination visual appeal.


Showing a "box under a box" is called a reveal. The reveal can be on the edge of the box or be achieved via a cutout in the outer box.

Ribbons and Bows

An elegant option is adding permanently attached ribbon or bows to a box. These additions can be functional or be purely decorative.


Boxes can incorporate hinged lids. "Self Hinges" use the covering material to create the hinge. Metal hinges can also be used if you want your boxes to "snap" shut

Box Closures

Boxes can close in a wide number of ways. Common closure mechanisms include flaps, snaps, clasps or magnetic closures.


Boxes can incorporate openings to make your product visible. These windows can be simple cutouts or have acetate or other protective covering.

3D Elements

3D elements, such as emblems and badges, can be added to a box to make a box look elegant. These emblems can be wood, metal or plastic.


Boxes offer a wide variety of brand building options. Custom imprints, repeating logos, interior logos or 4 color graphics are all possible options.


The options for box interiors are virtually unlimited. Whether product presentation or product protection, our engineers will help you find the perfect solution.