Numaco's Imprint Policy for Stock Boxes

What can be imprinted?
Many of our in-stock boxes and pouches can be imprinted. The imprint location varies by product. Please contact customer service to discuss imprint options for your selection.

What types of imprint does Numaco do?
We ONLY foil stamp . We believe that foil hot stamping is the most precise and elegant printing method for high quality boxes.

How long does it take to imprint boxes?
As a general rule, once we have your printing dies, we say 5 working days to imprint your boxes. In most cases, we turn the order around in less than 3 days.

How long do Printing Dies take and what do they cost?
We charge a flat fee of $100 per die, regardless of size. It normally takes 3 working days to produce a die. Remember, if you want different sized imprints on different sized boxes, each imprint size requires its own die.

Are printing dies reusable?
Yes, we use top quality US made dies for our Stock program. We will store your die for your future use. You only need to pay once.

What color imprints are available?
We stock over a dozen colors of foil. Most customers choose Gold, Silver , White or Black but there are other options. Ask you customer service rep for options.

How much is Imprinting?
We charge only 15 cents per imprint! Many other companies charge almost twice that. Plus we never charge a set up fee!! Note- There is a $100 minimum charge for imprinting.

What artwork is needed?
We request camera ready artwork for all logos and art. Our art department can help if camera ready art is not available. There is a small fee for this service. Ask customer service for details.