Order Information- Custom Boxes

What are my custom box options?
Your custom boxes are made exactly for you. The shape, color, outer wrapping, inner structure and all other features are all manufactured precisely to your needs. Numaco never tries to push you into the best solution for us. We want the best solution for your brand!!


What is the process for ordering custom boxes?
There are several phases in designing custom boxes:
1- Work with Customer Service to define your exact box needs
2- Based upon your needs, we will send you design drawings , material samples and a preliminary quote.
3- Once your final choice is approved, we will send you a final price quote.
4- If you wish, we will send you a hand made sample. Samples are $100 each.
5- Once everything meets your approval, send us the order.

How long do custom boxes take?
In most cases, initial orders will arrive within 75 days of final approval. Reorders are usually slightly faster.

What is the minimum custom box order?
Numaco has a $5000 minimum order for custom boxes. In some cases, the minimum order can be made up of multiple box sizes as long as they use the same materials. Call customer service for details.

Are some minimums higher?
Yes. Some custom box covering materials may have a higher minimum from our vendors. In this case, we will give you the option of ordering a higher quantity of boxes to use the materials or we will charge you for the unused covering materials and hold if for your future orders.

What if there is a problem with my order?
In very rare cases, there might be a problem with an order. As long as you notify us within 14 days of receipt of your order, we will make every effort to correct the problem. We are not responsible for issues unless they are brought to our intention within 14 days of the receipt of goods.


Are there other costs?
In some cases there are die charges. In most cases, we build this cost into your piece price. The one exception is custom molds for plastic or metal framed boxes. These will be quoted separately.


Where are the boxes made?
We manufacture our boxes at a wholly owned manufacturing facility in China. We are NOT BROKERS. We own our own facility to assure you of top quality and reliable delivery times.


What about freight and duty charges?
We will quote your boxes FOB East Providence RI. The price will include all duties and ocean freight.

What about international orders?
Numaco ships to over 100 countries. We can arrange to ship direct from our factory to you or one of your subcontractors. Call Customer Service for details.


We do not accept returns on custom made products or any products with custom imprints.

We accept returns for un-imprinted stock products only.