Why Numaco

Decades of Dedication to Packaging

With over 70 years of industry leadership, Numaco is your top choice for premium packaging solutions. Our commitment to excellence is showcased through top-quality packaging, industry-leading pricing, and a proven record of on-time delivery.

Global Reach, Local Excellence: Our strategically located team spans five countries, offering efficient global support. Numaco’s offices and service locations ensure personalized service tailored to your packaging needs on an international scale.

Quality Assurance: Our ISO9001 certified production facility ensures that every piece of jewelry packaging meets the highest quality standards. We take control of all production aspects, guaranteeing excellence that surpasses expectations. On-Time Delivery: Numaco is committed to punctual deliveries. Your orders are meticulously managed to ensure they reach you on time, every time. Budget-Friendly Solutions: We understand the importance of staying within budget. Numaco offers cost-effective packaging solutions without compromising on quality, providing you with unparalleled value.

Simplified Pricing Solutions: Experience hassle-free ex-works factory pricing and FOB East Providence pricing. Work directly with our U.S.-based team for prompt responses and personalized service.

Flexible “Make and Hold” Agreement: Our flexible agreement allows for true factory direct pricing, with billing occurring only upon product release, offering financial flexibility within defined time limits.

Make and Hold

Numerous Numaco customers leverage our “Make and Hold” program, a testament to our commitment to streamlined efficiency. Here’s how it works: your blanket orders are housed in our warehouse in East Providence, Rhode Island. The billing only occurs upon product release, adhering to defined timelines. As your inventory depletes, we promptly notify you, ensuring timely re-orders.

Imagine the advantage—accessing top-quality packaging at genuine factory direct pricing, minus the complexities of storage or immediate billing. Numaco’s “Make and Hold” program offers you unmatched flexibility and cost-effectiveness, empowering your business with a seamless packaging solution. Elevate your experience with Numaco, where innovation meets convenience in every aspect of our services.

Sustainable Options

As Numaco propels forward, sustainability takes center stage in our unwavering dedication to innovative packaging solutions. Our wholly owned factories proudly hold multiple certifications, underscoring our commitment to eco-conscious presentation packaging.

For all your sustainable packaging needs, Numaco is your trusted partner. Reach out, and we’ll provide a comprehensive breakdown of each element in our manufacturing process contributing to the creation of genuinely sustainable packages. Let Numaco be your choice for packaging solutions that not only meet but exceed environmental standards, where forward-thinking meets eco-responsibility at every stage of production. Join us in shaping a sustainable future—one package at a time.